A Day in the Karoo

... and other tales of intrigue & adventure •  20 - 25 May 2009
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Yesterday we finished the Route 62. We passed the most Westerly point of our trip and the point furthest from home. Today is Sunday, we'll be riding up the N1, our direction has turned to the North East now. A bit further to ride today, over 400 Kilometres. We are on our way home.

Regardles of the fact that it is Sunday, the bikes are packed and we're ready for the road, bright and early. We pull out from the servant's quarters, our budget accommodation, in first gear and onto the tar road. In moment of inspired enthusiasm, I wind the thottle wide open, the needle of the rev counter bouncing off the limiter, feed out the clutch and spin up the back wheel. (I think that I may have left a dark stripe on the road.) "Oh I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning". Well, no actually I don't that much. And more importantly, I need that rubber for my tire to last the thousand Ks back home.

Well, at least nobody in the hotel will be asleep now. It is at this moment that Charl anounces we are having breakfast here. Hmm, not feeling so clever now, are we?

In the ordinary course of events, we try at all costs to avoid the larger roads, like the N1. Today we have no choice. At leat it's a Sunday any maybe we'll find less traffic. At an unspecified point in the middle of the desert, John, Mike and I make an unscheduled roadside stop to enjoy some refreshment. It's a very sureal moment. Later, with the tachometer indicating only 141 Ks, the fuel light comes on. Sh!t. I'll have to nurse it. Finally, I run out 10 Ks before Beaufort West, and thankfully John is at the rescue with a two litre coke bottle.

I need to fill my wallet as well as the fuel tank, but the cash machine is not immeditaely cooperative. Sorted out at last, I return to the fuel station to find the rest of The League waiting. And besides, there's a trailer with four identical Honda motorcycles, for delivery in Cape Town. A couple of pictures and we're on our way.

We ride the R61 to Aberdeen and the wet road suggests that there must have been rain recently. But, there's not a cloud in site. Continue to Graaf Reinet where we spend the night. This is the first time that we have not booked accommodation but we find some without trouble. Good curry at the Lemon Tree.

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