Long Way Home

... and other tales of intrigue & adventure •  20 - 25 May 2009
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Its a remarkable feat. On this our last morning, all six bikes stand outside the gates of the Caledonia Bed and Breakfast, engines running. The time is exactly 7 AM. I have been up for the last couple hours attending to emails, showered and bike packed, not at any time cold.

As we pull out of the huge bowl in which the town of Graaf Reneit sits, the cold of a desert morning hits. Worse than this, the sun also rises over a low hill, directly into my eyes. Others can at least follow me while I struggle, with my left hand trying to block the sun (at 140 Ks).

The little town of Middleburg offers no prospect for breakfast. We dawdle through and then ride on, to Steynsburg, where we stop once again. Different B&B this time. Good breakfast.

Only a short road to Aliwal North. Now familiar (pot-holed) roads to Rouxville, Zastron, Weperner and a stop once more at the Ford Laser. By now my ears are ringing properly and I have difficulty in hearing conversation. This the last fuel stop, now home to Ficksburg where we arrive at 3 PM.

One last beer at the Golf course (John Ro's was closed). We congratulate each other on an excellent and enjoyable, successful, trouble-free trip and bid our farewells..

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Gentlemen of the League, this was a ride! If ever at any point in the future you might consider to ask me to join you for a ride, then I shall know exactly what you mean.